Wynspec is committed to protecting the health and safety of our people, our contractors and the environment. In all the places in which we work across Canada, Wynspec’s health, safety and security comes first, above all else, by fostering an environmentally aware culture.

  • Strive to operate injury and incident free;
  • Be compliant with applicable Occupational Health & Safety laws, Environmental laws, regulations and statutory obligations each of the jurisdiction in which we work;
  • Assign health, safety, security and environmental accountability and responsibilities for all Wynspec’s people and to drive individual performance and behaviour through regular review;
  • Train our people and contractors to be competent to safely undertake their work activities;
  • Identify, assesses and manage hazards and risks before commencing any work or operational activity;
  • Intervene immediately (stop work where required) and report any work practices, hazards, equipment, or conditions that threaten the health, safety, or security of any person or environment;
  • Maintain healthy, safe and secure working conditions, and ensure that our places of work, vehicles, tools, plant and equipment are safe and fit for purpose;
  • Maintain a documented health, safety, security and environment management system and ensure performance and compliance is assured through regular monitoring, auditing, reporting and review for continuous improvement;
  • Communicate and consult on health, safety, security and environmental initiatives and issues;
  • Incorporate health, safety and security of our people and care for the environmental as an integral part of business strategy, planning and decision making at all levels;
  • Proactively manage our waste steams by promoting waste elimination, material recycling, improving energy efficiency and maximising the use of low impact materials.